Photography Quick Reference Guides

Quick Reference Guides for Photography

Whats the deal?

There are hundreds of tips and tricks for all kinds of photography, out there. Problems is that you can never remember them when you need them. So I decided to take the tips that I ran into and condens them into little quick reference guides.
They are tried and testet, easy to print, laminate and put in your bag/pocket.
Use them as a quick reference when you need to get started with something, and then build on it from there.

DOWNLOAD (v1.2.1)

What to do with them

Print. Laminate. Bring. Thats it



The cards are under constant development, so I'm very interested in updates or suggestions for Quick Reference Guides, so please contact me. Even stories on how they may have helped you (...or not?) would be nice!

Now go shoot!

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